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MG 1/100 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka HWS Extension Set ( FEB 2019 )

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Product Description

This is Extension parts only, MS body is not included. 

店頭販売 MS本体(別売り)にジョイントして、HWS装備型を再現可能な拡張セット!◆ HWS装備型を再現する  重装甲アーマー&ウェポン一式を同梱。◆ 店頭販売 MS本体に準拠した 成形色で再現。◆ HWS装備型を再現する、    新規デザインの“Ver.Ka”マーキング  (水転写式)付属。  MS本体分のマーキングも収録。 店頭販売商品「MG νガンダム Ver.Ka」(別売り)にジョイントして、νガンダム HWS装備型を再現可能なパーツをセット    し、HWS拡張セットとして商品化。店頭販売MS本体に準拠した成形色で再現。HWS装備型を再現する、 新規デザインの“Ver.Ka”マーキング(水転写式)付属。MS本体分のマーキングも収録。

Translate Description"

--- MG ν Gundam H W S "Ver.Ka" completion. - -

Over-the-counter sales MS body (sold separately), jointly expanded set that can reproduce HWS equipped type!

※ MS body is not included in this product.

Joint to the over-the-counter commodity "MG ν Gundam Ver.Ka" (sold separately), set the parts that can reproduce the ν Gundam HWS equipped type, and commercialize it as an HWS expansion set.

- Includes heavy armored armor & Weapon set to reproduce HWS equipped type!

● Over-the-counter Sales Reproduced with molded colors conforming to MS body!

In case

● Enjoy ν Gundam HWS with "MG Ver.Ka", marking of new design comes with a water transfer decal!

Also arrange the finish, marking of MS body also included.

【Set content】

Chest armor unit / front armor armored unit / leg armor and thruster unit / shoulder missile launcher /

Hyper · mega · shield / hyper · mega · rifle / "Ver.Ka" water transfer decal


This product is expanded to storefront sales products "MG 1/100 ν Gundam Ver.Ka" (sold separately)

It is a set of 'heavy armor armor and weapon' for reproducing "HWS (heavy weapon system) equipped type".

※ This product MS body is not included.

※ In order to reproduce the posted photos, this product and "MG 1/100 ν Gundam Ver.Ka" (sold separately) are required. In case

※ Hyper · mega · rifle is a specification that incorporates beam rifle inside.

Use built-in beam / rifle that comes with the main product side.

※ Hyper · mega · shield is a specification to joint with ordinary shield.

For ordinary shields, use the one attached to the main product side.

* Since additional armor is heavy, please decorate with a stable place referring to the pose of the picture.


1/100 scale assembly plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Main product material: PS

· Adhesive is not used for assembly


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Japan P-BANDAI Web Exclusive

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