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MG 1/100 Nu Gundam HWS Ver.Ka Plastic Model

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Product Description

遂 に 装 備 さ れ た HWS MGν ガンダム HWS “Ver.Ka” 完 成 。
MGνガンダム“Ver.Ka”で、HWS装備型を再現。 HWSを再現する数々の重装甲アーマーとウェポンが付属。通常版とは異なる成形色で新たなイメージを創出。νガンダム“Ver.Ka”に装備されたヘビー・ウェポン・システム重装甲アーマー 
カトキ・ハジメ氏画稿イメージの成形色を採用。白、紺、黄色、赤のパーツには、通常版とはイメージの異なるウォーム系カラーの成形色を使用。集光素材で再現するサイコフレームのカラーは、ライトブルーに変更し、趣きの異なる見栄えを提案。 “Ver.Ka”マーキング 〈水転写式〉
νガンダム HWSを、“ MG Ver.Ka ”で楽しむ、新規デザインのマーキングが水転写デカールで付属。

Translate Description:

----- Finally equipped H W S. MG ν Gundam H W S "Ver.Ka" is completed. -----

MG ν Gundam "Ver.Ka" reproduces the HWS equipped type.

ν Gundam HWS equipped type is commercialized in the master grade "Ver.Ka" series produced by Mr. Katoki · Hajime.

Numerous heavy armor armor and weapon are included to reproduce the heavy / weapon system.

Create a new image with a different molding color than the regular version.

● Heavy Weapon System Equipped in ν Gundam "Ver.Ka"

Chest armor unit, front armor armored unit, leg armor and thruster unit reproduced. Each unit is equipped with a deployment gimmick and reproduces the mechanical detail inside it visible at the time of deployment. Arrange the missile launcher on the shoulder.

It is a new connection part, it corresponds to the joint with MS body, weapon, shield.

· Heavy armor armor

A number of gimmicks are mounted on the additional armor. The chest armor is developed by the armor and reproduces the inside of the Missair.

Front armor Armor unit Arrange the manipulator on the back. The manipulator tip reproduces the image of grasping objects,

Beam · saber etc. can also be jointed.

The armor and thruster units on the side of the legs are equipped with opening and closing gimmicks, and it is possible to impress a higher maneuverable image.

The details of the interior are precisely reproduced.

· Hyper · mega · shield

A large high mega shield attaching to and detaching from the surface of the normal shield. Attached to the arm.

In case

· Hyper · mega · rifle

Reproduce hyper · mega · rifle with beam rifle enhanced with additional equipment.

The kit also features a built-in beam rifle and finishes, you can enjoy additional equipment gimmicks. The total length is about 180 mm.

· New Hyper · Bazooka

New Hyper · Bazooka with barrel stretch gimmick is included. In the storage form, it can be carried on the backpack.

● New impact created by color change

Mr. Katoki · Hajime adopted the forming color of the image image.

For the white, navy blue, yellow and red parts, we use the molding color of the warm color which is different from the normal version.

The color of the psycho frame reproduced with the condensing material is changed to light blue, suggesting a different look with a different taste.

● "Ver.Ka" marking <Water transfer type>

ν Enjoy Gundam HWS with "MG Ver.Ka", marking of new design comes with a water transfer decal.

● "Ver.Ka" full-color package

Attached armed: hyper · mega · shield / hyper · mega · rifle / new hyper · bazooka / beam · saber


1/100 scale assembly plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Main product material: PS · PE · ABS · PP

· Adhesive is not used for assembly


NOTE: This product is large parcel, Ships by Japan post EMS.

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