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Digital Monster X Black & White

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Product Description

Digital Monster X Ver. 2 Red & Purple - Please check HERE





Translate Description:

Complete new work appears in the mobile LCD toy "Digital Monster" series! Diabolomon, Tyranomon and other popular Digimon X - evolved and recorded for the first time!
~ Digimon chosen by fan vote also X - evolve! ~

Description of item
New monster "Digital Monster X" which many "X antibody Digimon" which achieved "X - evolution" different from ordinary evolution is carried out in the portable liquid crystal breeding game "Digital Monster" series appeared. Also included are X Antibody Digimon such as "Beelzebumon (X antibody)", "Srapapon (X antibody)", "Rinomon (X antibody)", and Digimon such as "Cistamon shell" and "Dememon" that first appeared in portable liquid crystal growth game , Digimon of 15 or more in total can be cultivated for the first time.
A total of six Digimon such as "Diabolomon", "Tyranomon", "Bellstarmon" newly appeared X - evolved. In addition, booklets that illustrate the setting of the stage of the toy are also included.

Furthermore, by voting project "Digimon X Antibody Super Voting" by users who took place from 27th July to 20th August 2018, the Digimon who won 1st and 2nd place of votes has evolved to become X antibody Digimon It is appearance.

- Evolution point -
Map system: By battle and winning it is possible to advance the map in the digital world.
A Digim that will become an area boss appears in each area. Moreover, a hidden area appears by letting "Digital Monster X Black" and "Digital Monster X White" communicate. By clearing the hidden area some digimon's evolution branches will increase.

Battle system: During the battle, Digimon's face got up and emerged at the timing of giving out a deathblow technique, making it a powerful battle specification. Equipped with the dice probability function "XAI (Sai) system" which was also introduced in "Digimon Pendulum X".
By swinging the dice before the battle, the speed of your attack gauge will change depending on the number of outcomes.

Backup system: Up to two Digimon can be saved with the status at nurture. Of course, it can be replaced with Digimon who is being trained.

Set content
Instruction manual

Product size
W 58 mm × H 41 mm × D 15 mm

Product material
Body ... ABS, PC, SI
Brochure ... paper

Target age

CR2032 × 1 piece used (attached) * The set batteries are for testing.

Product Videos

【デジモン】ビクトリー・ウチダ、選ばれし子ども?になる! 05:02

大人に向けた究極のなりきりアイテム「CSA デジヴァイス tri.memorial」が、4月27日(金)から予約開始! 「等身大ぬいぐるみアグモン」と「等身大ぬいぐるみガブモン」を一緒に使って、選ばれし子どもになりきってみたぞ…! そのシュールな姿を、とくとご覧あれ。 【プレミアムバンダイにて予約受付中!!】 ●CSAデジヴァイス tri. memorial  【予約締切:2018年6月25日(月)まで】 http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000124323/ ●デジモンアドベンチャー tri. 等身大ぬいぐるみアグモン 【予約締切:2018年5月7日(月)まで】 http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000123399 ●デジモンアドベンチャー tri. 等身大ぬいぐるみガブモン 【予約締切:2018年6月11日(月)まで】 http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000124527/ 【Vジャンプ】 ●VジャンプWEB http://vjump.shueisha.co.jp/ ●Vジャンプ公式Twitter https://twitter.com/V_Jump

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Product from:
Japan P-BANDAI Web Exclusive

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  1. awesome :) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Mar 2019

    I prefer this older design of digimon overthe pendulum's and really enjoy the adventure map, I strongly recommend this for any digimon fan :)

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