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Product Description

CSMデルタギア セット内容

Translate Description:

Kamen Rider 555 transformation belt for adults "delta gear" appeared!
CSM series' first speech recognition system
Makeover with voice! The 23rd series is "Kamen Rider 555" "the third belt"-

Description of item
Transforming "Masked Rider Delta" from "Masked Rider 555" broadcasted from 2003 to 2004 as the 23rd edition of "Natural Toy Series for Adults [COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION (abbreviated CSM)]" Commercialized the belt "CSM Delta Gear".
The Kamen Rider 555 is a transformational item with a motif of a novelty mobile phone and electronic device at the time, and the toy has become a big hit product with over 1 million copies. In addition, the first belt "CSM Faiz Gear" released in 2016 from the same series has also recorded a big hit.
The "Delta Gear", which will be released this time, will be the "3rd Belt", a fan's long-awaited next to "Faze Gear" and "Kaiza Gear".
In "CSM Delta Gear", the transformation belt "Delta Driver" of "Masked Rider Delta", mobile phone type mecha "Delta phone" for inputting voice code, video camera type mecha "Delta mover", Delta driver and Delta mover It comes with a "mission memory" that can be set.

<CSM Series First Speech Recognition System>
The CSM Delta Gear is equipped with the CSM series' first speech recognition system.
The voice of transformation is input toward the "delta phone", and the transformation sound is activated by inserting it into the "delta mover."
The wireless driver allows the "Delta Driver" to respond and emit light. You can reproduce the sequence of the impressive makeover scene.
In speech recognition, a specific voice is played by words such as "fire", "3821", "check" at the time of special move activation other than "transformation".

Irradiation of Delta Mark
The Delta Mover has an LED.
It combines with "delta phone" and transforms into pointer mode by attaching mission memory to the top. Special voice of "Masked Rider Delta" is activated by voice input of "Check". The 投影 (delta) mark is projected by the LED.

<Character voice ・ In the play BGM recording>
When you press the line button of "Deltaphone", you can reproduce the lines of the main users of Delta Gear, such as Shuji Mihara (Miyara Shiuji / Performer: Atsushi Harada) and Kitazaki (Kikita / Performer: Atsushi Fujita) You
The new voice by Mr. Shuji Mihara: Atsushi Harada, and Kitazaki: Atsushi Fujita is recorded and carried.
In addition, by pressing the newly created BGM button, you can play BGM in 5 plays such as "EGO ~ eyes glazed over ~" and "Orphanoc rule".

Set content
Delta driver ... 1
Delta Phone ... 1
Delta mover ... 1
Mission memory ... 1
Instruction manual ... 1

Product size
Delta driver ... around the waist 74cm ~ 98cm
Delta phone ... H 174mm × W 132mm
Delta mover ... H 164mm × W 72mm
Mission memory ... H 32mm × W 60mm

Product material
Delta driver ... ABS, PC, PVC, nylon, POM
Deltaphone ... ABS · PC
Delta mover ... ABS · PC
Mission memory ... ZnDC · PC

Target age
15 years old or older

AAA battery × 6 (sold separately)

Other Details

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Japan P-BANDAI Web Exclusive

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Expected release date is Late October 2019, Pre-order will be closed at 10th June 2019