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Product Description

デジモンアドベンチャー tri.第6章上映記念 Complete Selection Animation DIGIVICE tri.memorial

Translate Description:

Thanks to the "Digimon Adventure tri." Series "CSA Digi Vice Tri. Memorial" appeared!

Description of item
As a memorial to "The Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 6 Our Future" will be screened on May 5, 2018, the item "Digivice" that appeared in the theater will be shown as " Complete Selection Animation "series.
From the "CSA Digivice" launched in 2015, we redesigned the color, the body of opalescent and the new form of the ultimate body Digimon "Omegamon" appearing in the play with blue line painting that represents tears "Masters Full Mode" image. The die-cast antenna and Sumi put Digi characters are also alive. By pressing three buttons equipped on the body, you can record impressive speech sounds (about 100 types) and representative songs from "Digimon Adventure trio" chapter 1 to chapter 6.
Moreover, it can enjoy the light according to the serif and BGM, and it changes to orange when it is serif of Tao Agumon, blue when it is serif of Gabumon · Yamato, red when it is serif of budding heart.

<Example of multiplication dialogue>
You can enjoy the bilingual dialogue between three "Chosen Children" such as Taichi, Yamato, Buddha and three partner Digimon.

Agumon: My hungry has decreased ~~~~ !!!
Taichi: Are you going to stay wherever you are!

Gabumon: There is only Yamato possible to replace Taichi.
Yamato: ... do not make me cry

Makaemon: (little voice) gradually
Budding spirit: Oh, thanks.

"Butter-Fly ~ tri.Version", "brave heart ~ tri.Version"

By pressing the dialogue play button during BGM playback, you can enjoy two patterns of "Digimon's evolution dialogue" and "Partner and Digimon's battle serif".

<Example of evolutionary dialogue>
Agumon: "Agumon evolution! Graymon!", "Greymon Super Evolution! Metal Greymon!"

<Example battle serif>
Taichi: War Greymon! I will decide here!
WarGreymon: Gaia Force!

Yamato: There it is! Garurumon!
Garurumon: Fox Fire!

In addition, memorial visual seat is included as a purchase award. It is a special seat which can be obtained only by designing 9 children to be newly drawn and selected.

Set content
Body ... 1, Memorial Visual Sheet ... 1

Product size
Body ... W 68 mm × H 60 mm × D 44 mm

Product material

Target age

AAA batteries × 2 (sold separately)

Product Videos

【デジモン】ビクトリー・ウチダ、選ばれし子ども?になる! 05:02

大人に向けた究極のなりきりアイテム「CSA デジヴァイス tri.memorial」が、4月27日(金)から予約開始! 「等身大ぬいぐるみアグモン」と「等身大ぬいぐるみガブモン」を一緒に使って、選ばれし子どもになりきってみたぞ…! そのシュールな姿を、とくとご覧あれ。 【プレミアムバンダイにて予約受付中!!】 ●CSAデジヴァイス tri. memorial  【予約締切:2018年6月25日(月)まで】 http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000124323/ ●デジモンアドベンチャー tri. 等身大ぬいぐるみアグモン 【予約締切:2018年5月7日(月)まで】 http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000123399 ●デジモンアドベンチャー tri. 等身大ぬいぐるみガブモン 【予約締切:2018年6月11日(月)まで】 http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000124527/ 【Vジャンプ】 ●VジャンプWEB http://vjump.shueisha.co.jp/ ●Vジャンプ公式Twitter https://twitter.com/V_Jump

  • 【デジモン】ビクトリー・ウチ...
    大人に向けた究極のなりきりアイテム「CSA デジヴァイス tri.memorial」が、4月27日(金)から予約開始! 「等...

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Product from:
Japan P-BANDAI Web Exclusive

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