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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sealing Wax Set


Product Description

美少女戦士セーラームーン シーリングワックスセット(全2種)
Translate Description:

"Ceiling wax set" that can elegantly produce letters and invitation envelopes with the world view of "Sailor Moon" as a motif appeared!

Sealing wax is what has been said to have been used to seal a letter in Europe or the like from old times by proof that the thing is intact by long ago by melting the wax with fire and pressing the stamp type there.
In recent years it has also been attracting attention as an item that produces an elegant high-class feeling with an invitation seal or a gift package.

The lineup consists of "Sailor 5 Warrior Set" set with 5 fighters of "Sailor Moon", "Sailor Mercury", "Sailor Mars", "Sailor Jupiter" and "Sailor Venus", "Sailor Chibi Moon" and " We have prepared two kinds of "Sailor Chibi Moon & Exterior Solar System 4 Fighter Set" set with 4 warriors.

Each set of metal stamp parts is set, which is original design which deliberately treated with "Crystal Star Compact" which is a transformation item of Sailor Moon and guardian star mark of Sailor fighters with laser engraving.
We attach one type of stamp part to the exclusive wooden shaft (1 piece) that is included and use it.

Wax expresses the image color of Sailor fighters such as pink and blue with an elegant pearl feel,
I put the design of the guardian star mark by embossing on the wax body.
Also, because the wax itself has a candle type core,
By just preparing a lighter etc., you can use it immediately from that day. (Writers etc are not included)

We made five kinds of stamp parts, five kinds of wax, one exclusive shaft, on the outer side of the lid by gold foil stamping the guardian star mark of Sailor fighters,
In addition, we will deliver it in a luxurious paper package where illustrations of each Sailor fighter are drawn.

【Set content】
Stamp parts ... 5 patterns × 1 each
Wax ... 5 colors × 1 each, dedicated axis for stamp parts ... 1 piece

【Product Material】
Stamp type ... brass
Wax ... PTFE resin · paraffin · pigment · cotton
Stamp parts dedicated axis ... wood · iron

Age of target
15 years and over

Stamp parts ... φ25 × H13 mm
Wax ... W 10 x H 90 x D 10 mm
Stamp parts dedicated axis ... W20 × H80 × D 20 mm

【Country of origin】
Stamp Parts · Wax · Stamp Parts Dedicated Shaft ... China
Package ... Japan

Other Details

Product from:
Japan P-BANDAI Web Exclusive

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