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PG 1/60 TRANS-AM Riser Plastic Model ( IN STOCK )


Product Description

1/60 SCALE トランザムライザー[ダブルオーガンダム+オーライザー]パーフェクトグレードで再現!ダブルオーライザー“トランザム発動”究極の姿を具現化するパーフェクトグレードで登場1/60 SCALE トランザムライザー[ダブルオーガンダム+オーライザー]PG 1/60 トランザムライザー

2017 Double O - 10th anniversary!

Reflect on the perfect! Doubler Order "Trigger activation"

GN - 0000 + GNR - 010 Transmuliser appeared in perfect grade embodying the ultimate figure ---

From "Mobile Suit Gundam OO", Transam Riser is commercialized in the perfect grade series.
We reproduced the image in play playing Transum by metallic molding, adopt coating process pursuing metal texture for blade antenna!
GN drive equipped with new color LED lighting unit is included. Special stand included.

●● GN DRIVE (GN drive)
The GN drive on both shoulders is equipped with an LED lighting unit.
Compared with the double-o riser, it emits light with a bright green impression of light green.
The inner wheel rotates, and the light source that shines like leaking directs the release of GN particles in the play.

●● COLOR (molding color)
Reproduce the aircraft color of the glittering red with a metallic molding color of glossy gloss injection molding.
The color of the GN condenser part is also changed, reproduced by clear molding of light green.

●● COATING (special processing)
The blade antenna is treated with deep gold matte coating to pursue metal texture. Overlord finish.
The cutting edge of GN Sword Ⅱ is a glossy light pink plating process, directing a sharp blade.

A heavy perfect grade model kit comes with a dedicated stand that can be stably displayed in the posed state.
Light green forming color color containing lame that makes image of GN particle dissipation.
Double Oh Gundam and O'Reiser can be separated and combined. Display can be done simultaneously on the attached stand.

★ Stuck also to the stand "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" 10th anniversary logo seal attached!
Seal size approx. 35 - 40 mm (planned)

● DECAL (decal)
Marking of PG original design expressing transom mode comes with a water transfer type decal.

● PACKAGE etc. (Package etc.)
Full color package adoption. Dedicated instruction manual included.

Attached armed: GN sword III / GN sword II / GN beam saber / GN shield

※ The LED unit has been assembled.
Also, the battery for lighting the LED unit is not included. An optional battery and a (+) screwdriver are required. In the case of
(Head) For GN condenser · · · LR 41 × 2
(Shoulder part) For GN drive · · · CR 2032 × 2 pieces

1/60 scale assemble plastic model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PE · ABS · PC · EVAC · PUR
· Adhesive is not used for assembly

Item weight: approx 5-6 KG

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Web Exclusive

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