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MG 1/100 MS-14BR Uma Lightning's Gelgoog High Mobility Type Plastic Model ( MAR 2018 )

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Product Description

Blue Ace Driving, One Year War Production Type Top Machine - Ver. 2.0 Master Grade Kit!

MS-14B high mobility gel gel comes in master grade!
A number of distinctive aircraft shapes are thoroughly reproduced with new modeling! Dedicated coloring of lieutenant Yuma · Lightning with the alias "blue lightning light"!

● Reproduction of various parts such as the head and the back with new modeling!
Head parts, booster packs, legs, etc. are reproduced thoroughly by MG-compliant new modeling.

Reproduce distinctive shapes such as the main camera provided at the base of the blade antenna and the intake of the temporal part.

【Booster Pack】
The back booster pack, which is characteristic of high mobility type gel gug, is reproduced by new modeling.

[Lower part]
Represented with new shaping, such as connecting parts with waist armor, expressed in black molded color.

Extended tanks and thrusters are new shaping. Also the armor shape of the leg has been changed.

● The gel gel main body has a wide range of motion Ver.2.0!

● Newly reconstructed arming of high mobility type gelgu!
Besides beams and rifles with different shapes, new weapons such as large missiles and launchers are included!

【Beam · Rifle】
Newly equipped with a beam rifle equipped with a grenade launcher at the bottom of the barrel.

[Missile launcher]
In accordance with the pilot's request, a simplified missile launcher made with the Kimaula fleet is included.

【Ratts River triple missile】
Remove arm parts, connect with joint parts to use. Equipped on either left or right arm.

Shield, also comes with Beam Naginata!

● New design water transfer type decal included!
Besides the newly drawn up Personal Mark of Lieutenant Yuma · Lightning,
Recorded line marking etc, included a new design water transfer type decal.

ACE PILOT LOG Ace · Pilot Log [U.C. Edition]
"Ace pilot" and MS plan, WEB plan tracing "log (record)" carved into the history of the century of the universe!

VOL.04 "Chimai Corps" posted!

Attached armed: Beam · Rifle / Missile · Launcher / Ratz River triple missile / Beam · Naginata / Shield

1/100 scale assemble plastic model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS, ABS, TPE, PE
· Adhesive is not used for assembly

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