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MG 1/100 GN-0000+GNR-010/XN OO XN Raiser Plastic Model w/LED

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Product Description

Finally master-grade kit! It is!
G N - 0 0 0 0 + G N R - 0 1 0 / X N
Strengthen vision Plan-doubled azuranizer Risky!

Magnificent modeling unique to MG, overwhelming volume! It is!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam 00V", we commercialize a double overrun equipped with GN Buster Sword III in 1/100 master grade series!

Zan Unit and GN Buster Sword Ⅲ are reproduced with MG-compliant new modeling!
O'Reiser and Zan Unit, Double Oh Gundam is removable, and deformed gimmicks are also thoroughly reproduced.
GN Bustor Sword III can reproduce each of the separated and coalesced states.

● Orz Riser Reinforced Parts The unit is three-dimensionalized with MG! It is! Faithfully reproduce Zan Riser!

The Zan unit, which is an Oliser-reinforced part, is reproduced with new shaping with sharp and dense detail.
The side is equipped with GN Buster Sword Ⅲ and the lower part is equipped with arm type pylon.
In addition, the Zan unit is directly mounted in the Double Oh Gundam, and it can reproduce the Xan Double O Gundam.

Than Riser total length approximately 300 mm * When GN Buster Sword Ⅲ is installed

● GN Buster Sword III
GN Buster Sword Ⅲ equipped with Zan Riser was thoroughly reproduced by MG-compliant new modeling equipped with various gimmicks.
It has a function as a weapon on hand and can be separated / united.
The two GN Buster Sword Ⅲ join together and you can reproduce the big sword!

Zan Riser's opening and closing arm type pylon can hold GN sword Ⅱ or GN beam sabel at the tip arm,
Reproducible battle style with distinctive "4 arms".
GN beam saber can also be mounted. (* Simultaneous mounting of GN Sword II and GN beam sabe can not be done.)

● Supplied with an auxiliary stand that can be decorated stably when fitted with a heavy Xan Riser to the double O Gundam.

● Water transfer decal included

● One LED unit (green) that can be mounted on the head etc. is included ※ Battery sold separately (Battery LR 41 × 2)

This kit can mount LED units (green) in all three places.
In order to reproduce the lighting in all three places, we purchase "Gundam Model 2 (green) 2 set" (sold separately) that is on sale well at the store
Please prepare.

Attached armed: GN Buster Sword III / GN Sword II / GN Sword III / GN Beam Saber / GN Shield

1/100 scale assembled plastic model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PE · ABS (LED) acrylic
· Adhesive is not used for assembly
· Phillips screwdriver (sold separately) is required for fixing the battery lid

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