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MG 1/100 Enhanced ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka Plastic Model ( JAN 2018 )

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Product Description

Strengthened doubled zeta gundam coming -
Doubt zeta Gandam Strengthened Plan, Activation

In the MG "Ver.Ka" series, reproduce double zeta Gundam reinforced type!

Reproduced large-sized shoulder, backpack, etc. by new modeling.
Adopted aircraft color which imaged coloring at the time of animation appearance.

- Evolved as reinforced type, Double Zeta Gundam "Ver.Ka"
Reflected by new modeling, modified parts from Double Zeta Gundam, which aimed at high output of the generator and enhancement of thrust.

Shoulder armor, arm shield which was larger than double Zeta Gundam was reproduced by new modeling.
To the shoulder armor, add thrusters to the top.
Partial shape changed, abdominal armor, front skirt, newly added rear skirt reproduced with new parts.
Use the new parts for the larger handle part.

The thrusters were added to the calves and the difference between the toes and heels were reproduced with new modeling.

Horizontal tail wings, missile pods, nozzles and other parts, the backpacks that were upsized were thoroughly reproduced.
Missiles and pods with expanded number of bullets, two large verniers newly installed, etc., detailed details are reproduced.

● Molding color that imaged color at the time of animation appearance
Animation Adopted a molding color based on a somewhat greenish aircraft color that imaged coloring in the image.

● Double zeta Gundam of animated color image can also be reproduced with selection formula

● By the latest format, "movable" and "proportion" are balanced at a high level
The joint of the shoulder secures a wide range of movement, and the knee joint can reproduce deep "bending" in addition to complicated deformation.
On the waist, a three-axis structure that has never existed has been adopted, it is possible to "twist the waist" and "bend forward".

● "Ver.Ka" marking
Enhanced Double Zeta Gundam is enjoyed with "MG Ver.Ka", marking of new design comes with a water transfer decal.

● Package
A full color package that adopted a new drawing drawing illustrated by Mr. Kataki Hajime.

Attached armed: double beam · rifle / beam · saber
1/100 scale assembly plastic model
Target age: 15 years old and over
Product material: PS · PE
· Adhesive is not used for assembly.

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