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HGUC 1/144 RGM-89A2 Jegan A2 Type Plastic Model

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Product Description

“'episode 5'に登場のゼネラル・レビル配備型ジェガン推進機関を中心とした大幅改修が施された地球連邦軍 量産型MS特有のカラーを成形色で再現し、特徴的な部位は新規造形で再現!背面スラスター上部の出力口及びパネルラインをシールで再現!ご購入はこちら

From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn)", the highly anticipated A2 type Jeffan appears! !
Let's reproduce the scene of the unicorn in theatricals with MS which appeared in the play!

The Jet A 2 type deployed in the general rebirth which appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", which was supposed to undergo substantial refurbishment centering on the promotion agency,
Commercialized with 1/144 scale HGUC series best suited for collection.
Reproduce unique colors in molded color, characteristic parts are reproduced with new shaping!

● Reproduced in the molded color the color unique to MS deployed in General Rebiru!

● Reproduce numerous distinctive parts with new shaping with rich detail!
· Balkan · pod · system on the side of the head
· Shoulder armor with different injection port and exterior shape
· Two left and right verniers were added to each two, and the side armor was also refurbished Leg armor
· The lower left and right verniers are added to each 2 units, and the exterior shape has also been changed significantly. Backpack
(※ The output port on the side of the rear back thruster on the back pack is reproduced with a special seal.)

- Marking stick included with the general rebel's military mark included!

● Posing moving display is possible in conjunction with action base 2 (sold separately) and 89 type base jar (sold separately).

Attached armed: beam · rifle, beam · savel, hand · grenade, shield

1/144 Scale Assemble Plastic Model
Target age: 8 years old and over
Product material: PS · PE · ABS
· Adhesive is not used for assembly

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