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HGUC 1/144 Gyan Krieger Plastic Model ( MAR 2018 )

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Product Description

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A warrior with a big spear, the moment of kitting! !
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Finally, Gang Krieger appeared in the Gundam Model HGUC series!

From game "Mobile Suit Gundam Gillen's Ambition Zeon Independence War Period", the Phantom of Zeon Duchy the next term mainstay MS Gan Creegar is commercialized in the HGUC series.
Reproduced with characteristic shapes and arms of Gang Krieger by new modeling!

● Gun Krieger's airframe shape is thoroughly reproduced with new shaping!
Completed as an MS for assault, pursue a gun Krieger aircraft shape bearing the name of a warrior. Head, chest, shoulder, waist, legs
Until the backpack, all exterior parts that let you identify Gankriega are thoroughly reproduced with detail-rich new shaped parts.

MS exterior are all new! !

It seems like an aircraft with the name of a warrior, reproducing the head shaped like a mimic armor.

· Chest / shoulder armor
Reproduce shape newly equipped with thrusters etc in various places.

· Lower Armor
Reproduce the details of the waist armor over the front, rear and side.

· Backpack
Generator output was greatly enhanced backpack to improve mobility.

.Leg part
He seems to be a fighter who is good at melee fighting, and reproduces the shape which was reinforced with armor as well as propulsive force.

Three inside the rear armor, one each vernier on the inside of the two calves armor.

Beam · lance, launcher · shield attached!
Impressive large beam · lance, launcher · shield attached with new modeling.
Clear parts are adopted for the beam part of the lance with a total length of about 190 mm. The coloring of the shield was also modeled as a commitment that reproduced by part division.

· Large lance is about 190 mm in length! Beam blade size: Approximately 105 mm
· Color shielding is reproduced by part division. Also reproduce the launcher behind the shield.

● Based on REVIVE version of HGUC gun, realize a wide range of movements!
REVIVE HGUC A movable right wrist similar to a gang is attached, and a wide range of actions such as hitting pose is possible.

Attached armed: beam · lance / launcher · shield

1/144 Scale Assembly Plastic Model
Age: 8 years old and over
Product material: PS · PE
· Adhesive is not used for assembly

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