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HGUC 1/144 Byarlant Custom Unit 2 E.F.F Plastic Model Kit

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Product Description

From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" MSV,
Baiaran Custom Unit 2 of 2 aircraft, kit in one fell swoop Gundam HGUC series!

Fiery furnace of blue and white Yi-click a color saturation Ba Yi a la emissions is in here!

"Gundam Ace" (published: KADOKAWA) ,, which is developed by than two stories of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC",
Heroic colors commercialize Unit 2 Baiaran custom of blue and white!

● distinctive color and shape, thoroughly reproduce the new armed!
And reproducibility in molding color body color tones and blue and white.
- Armed with a rifle of the forearm, the new armed such as a large beam cannon on the back, faithfully reproduce the part body shape in the new shape.
In rifle forearm, equipped with a deployment gimmick to reproduce the time of shooting at the time and storage. In addition, the back of the cannon is mounting axis is movable two-axis structure,
It can be flexible attack representation. In addition, the shape reproduction, such as the heel, the Unit 2 Baiaran custom to detail.

● flight form can be reproduced!
It can be modified to the flight form in the replacement of various parts.
And wrist to reproduce the scene holding a cannon at the front, a dedicated joint corresponding to the Action Base 2 (sold separately) is included.
※ It is also possible to correspond to the action base 1 (sold separately). (2014/01/15 postscript)

● dedicated marking accessories

●● extension options included! !
To reproduce the set of flight form in the play, HGUC 1/144 Gyapuran (sold separately) booster and can be connected to a dedicated joint parts are included.
From the paint color guide to the instruction manual in.
※ To reproduce the setting, you need the paint to booster of HGUC 1/144 Gyapuran (sold separately).

1/144 scale prefabricated plastic model
Age: 8 years and older
Product material: PS · PE
And adhesives are not used in assembly

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