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Product Description

"Masked Rider Den-O" 10th Anniversary BGM also flows Adult Transformation Belt comes in sets!

Description of item
As the 16th of the transformation belt series for adults 【COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION (Complete Selection Modification / Abbreviation CSM)】, as the 16th bullet, "Transformation belt" worn by the leading character Ryotaro Nogami from "Masked Rider Den-O" We also commercialized the portable item "CARLOROSE" that powers up "climax form" as a set.
After pressing the button of each transformation form, when the attached rider pass is held over the center part of the belt, it has become the specification that it emits light and makes a transformation sound.

In order to be able to reproduce the in-process sequence, full repair of voice and program from "DX version" sold in the past. In addition to the five forms of Plato Sword Rod Ax Gun, the transformation sound includes "Nega Denou" that appeared in the movie version "Kamen Rider Denou & Kiva Climax Detective", and theatrical trilogy published in 2010 " Mamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider THE MOVIE Ultra · Denou Trilogy "which appeared in" G Denou "transformation sound was also recorded. G Denou can reproduce the belt design by attaching "G Denou buckle" to the belt. Moreover, by attaching "Ketaros" to the center part of the belt, it is possible to transform into a climax form · super climax form.
Furthermore, by attaching "Denau Belto" with "Caterross" attached, it is also possible to transform into a climax form · liner form by pasta.

The newly recorded voice of "Imagine" seven who is tied to a transfigurable rider is recorded on the belt, and it is a new record of "Megumorosu (cv. Seki Toshihiko)" I, Ritsuko! "And Urataros (cv. Yuji Koji) Do you want to be caught on? "As well as a total of more than 280 kinds of serifs are recorded, you can enjoy playing with haunting. Furthermore, it is possible to make a transformation while playing the total of 4 songs of BGM "Beginning", "Double-Action", "Biggest! Bega Form (BGM at the time of climax form transformation") "Climax Jump" under construction by BGM button .

Set Content
Denou Belt ... 1
Cetathill ... 1
Rider Pass ... 1
G Denle buckle ... 1
Rider Pass (G Denou ver.) ... 1
Rider ticket ... 6

Product Size
DENOU BERT body ... Total length about 21 cm
(Waist size of about 73 cm to about 100 cm)
Cetathal ... Total length about 20.5 cm
Rider Pass ... Total Length about 11 cm
G Denle buckle ... Total length about 12.5 cm

Product Material
Denau Belt ... ABS, PC, PVC, ZnDC
Cetathill ... ABS, PC, PET, PP
Rider Pass ... ABS, PC
G Denle buckle ... ABS, PC, PET, PP
Rider Pass (G Denou ver.) ... ABS, PC
Rider ticket ... PET

Target Age

Denou Belt ... AAA batteries × 2 (sold separately)
Cetathill ... AAA batteries × 2 (sold separately)

Other Details

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Web Exclusive

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